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Eastpointe Michigan ordinance mandating locking of vehicle if firearm is contained within the vehicle



Recently the city of Eastpointe Michigan enacted a new city ordinance making it an ordinance violation to have your firearm stolen from an UNLOCKED vehicle.

I have been asked my opinion about this and at this time I will state that we always encourage people to make sure their firearms are secured when not in their possession.  Understanding that thieves will break into vehicles I believe it is important to secure our guns when left in our vehicles.  Firearms are stolen in driveways, parking lots, and even gas stations when owners go inside of the station and leave their vehicle unlocked.

Recognizing this issue, Action Impact is placing all handgun safes on sale for the remainder of the year. Visit either the Southfield or Eastpointe Action Impact store, mention this blog and receive 15% off any handgun safe.


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